Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Story.

I want a story that works just the way it is. I will always be one of the silly girls. Most likely, I will never see it coming. It is better to live this way. For me at least. I can't force anything, You,Me, We just need to be allowed our own paths. If it is more freeing for you to walk off of my pages then as much as it may hurt me, you must do it. I can't let you drown just so I may breathe. And then again maybe you will see that I am your story to tell. One can only wait to flip the page and see what happens next. I truly hope for a beautiful ending. Either way this is just one chapter in our story. There will be more.

Monday, June 1, 2009


You continuously kick my feet out from underneath me.Beg me to learn some mind-blowing lesson.As I watch the blood trickle down my legs,I continue to kneel.There is broken glass under my flesh.You advise me to rework the glass and flesh into a new masterpiece.I pause as I chase after my breath.You are right.I know this craft much to well.And I will scoop up the remnants of my tangible soul,slowly standing,wading through this lesson.