Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About me.

I do not date boys named Michael nor ones who wear socks with sandals.
I stay up way too late and fall asleep thinking of ads on Craigslist.
Some days I am 67 others 11.
I do not eat meat, just because.
One day I will draw that elusive tattoo design.
I'm falling apart yet so completely stable.
If I ask you "do you like to read" magazines don't count.
I want to believe in love and truth and miracles.
Laughter is the only medicine.
I want a lot but need very little.
I get to choose who becomes a part of my story.
Labels are ugly and stale.
I am partial to the dictionary.
Humility is sexy.
I am into creating, usually messes.
I feel as if I am evolving into exactly the gal i'm supposed to be.

1 comment:

Tricksy Pixie said...

I've said about a dozen of these things too. I like this post. It makes me happy.